Trading License


Commercial trading license is granted to those companies conducting commercial activities. Commercial trading can be a specialized trading of certain product under one category for example food products trading or textile trading or any other specific trading category. Apart from that there is General trading license which is issued to those trading companies trading multiple products e.g. mix trading of foods products, textile, electronics trading or other multiple activities. Normally general trading cover all set of trading activities apart from car trading and gold trading. Similar to General trading and commercial trading there are other special activities e.g. Transportation, real estate and construction.


Commercial trading companies around the world have different challenges when it comes to open corporate bank account, custom clearance, Storage and forwarding. U.A.E has made it easy by understanding the stress of trading companies and has introduced a number of solutions with free zones and mainland to cater their problems.


Since there are hundreds and thousands of products and each of them has different activity name and HS Code at the same time there are variety of free zone along with mainland in UAE which has made it complex for traders to choose right area to register their companies.  Banking is also one of the big challenges in sense of documentation and profiling to meet the criteria of bank compliance which is why the selection of right business consultant is very crucial to defeat these matters.

GRG Corporate Service provider backed with 20 year experience is ready to help and guide you through educated and experienced consultants with step-by-step company registration process, immigration process and end with bank account opening.


Steps to choose right consultant:


  • Study the company history that how old is the company.
  • Check the consultant capability and experience.
  • Check the affiliation of the company
  • Check the professionalism and diversification of the departments.
  • Check the ownership structure.

Steps involve for setting up your company:


  • Contact with live chat support or call us directly and our team will lead you to the right consultancy
  • Share your business idea with our consultant and get free advise
  • Submit your documents via email to the consultant and wait for the name initial approval.
  • Pay the invoice by bank transfer, cash and credit card.
  • Receive your license and apply for your bank account.
  • Enter UAE and avail UAE residency
  • Get your bank account and start your business transactions.

UAE company registration process and type of license?

  • Name Approval

  • Local sponsor/Service agent

  • Initial Approval

  • Signing of Memorandum

  • Sustainability contract or office leasing

  • Business License

  • Immigration Card/ Labor card

  • Residency visa

  • Bank account