Professional License


Professional license is issued to the professionals with right of 100% ownership opposite to commercial and industrial license where UAE national has to be 51% shareholders of the company.


However as per law company with professional license has to appoint UAE national as local service agent which mean he/she will not has any liability or equity in the company but he/she can represent the company in any government authority if required.  An agreed fixed amount has to be paid to the local service agent annually.


Basically the concept of professional license is introduced by DED to offer complete right to professional expats so that they can incorporate a sole proprietorship company. There are list of professional activities offered by Dubai Economy department which can be matched as per the qualification and business field of applicant and one activity is allowed for each license.


Requirements to register professional licensee:


All you need for registration of professional license is


  1. Passport copy
  2. Visa copy (If inside U.A.E)
  3. NOC from sponsor (If applicant is working in U.A.E)
  4. Qualification certificate (If required Activity authority)
  5. Description to choose right activity 5. Local service agent
  6. Sustainability contract or office rental agreement.
  7. Local service agent

How GRG Corporate Services Provider can help you?


GRG corporate services provider has everything under one roof which is required to register your professional license. Our specialized consultant will collect your documents for name approval and initial approval and from there onward we have our own business center to issue suitability contract and at the same time we have local service agent to sponsor your professional license. GRG Corporate Service Provider will become your one single point to obtain professional license and you don’t need to rush from one point to another to get your professional license.


Since we are the one stop shop for your professional license therefore we will make sure the quality services are delivered with.

Steps to choose right consultant:


  • Study the company history that how old is the company.
  • Check the consultant capability and experience.
  • Check the affiliation of the company
  • Check the professionalism and diversification of the departments.
  • Check the ownership structure.

Steps involve for setting up your company:


  • Contact with live chat support or call us directly and our team will lead you to the right consultancy
  • Share your business idea with our consultant and get free advise
  • Submit your documents via email to the consultant and wait for the name initial approval.
  • Pay the invoice by bank transfer, cash and credit card.
  • Receive your license and apply for your bank account.
  • Enter UAE and avail UAE residency
  • Get your bank account and start your business transactions

UAE company registration process and type of license?

  • Name Approval

  • Local sponsor/Service agent

  • Initial Approval

  • Signing of Memorandum

  • Sustainability contract or office leasing

  • Business License

  • Immigration Card/ Labor card

  • Residency visa

  • Bank account