Manufacturing License


Industrial license is issued to companies involve in manufacturing of various products from raw material to finished goods or they may involve in manufacturing of raw material which may be used further by different industries to manufacture final products.


There are free zone industrial license and mainland industrial license and both has different requirements and shareholder structure.


Share structure for free zone industrial license:


Expats can hold 100% shares in industrial license registered in the free zone or an entity based out side or inside the UAE can also hold 100% shares.


Share structure in Mainland companies:


Local UAE sponsor is mandatory to register industrial license in UAE mainland and he will hold 51% shares as per UAE local law and 49% can be hold by expat or any corporate entity based in UAE or outside the UAE.


What facility is required for industrial license?


Warehouse unit is mandatory to register industrial license and size of the warehouse is depending upon the type of industrial activity.


Is there a third party approval required for industrial license?


To obtain industrial license from mainland, approval is required from municipality, industrial authority and any other UAE authority depending upon activity will be required.

What are the requirements for industrial license?


  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Visas of the shareholder (If they are resident or on visit visa)
  • Business plan with complete manufacturing detail
  • Type & Size of machinery which will be used for manufacturing process.
  • Attested documents of parent company are required (Attestation must be from UAE embassy of parent company and MOFA UAE.
  • Further information can be asked if required by authority.

Do you need local consultant to register industrial license:


It is very complex process to register Industrial license as it has lots of requirements and procedure to follow. Therefore it is mandatory to select a competent consultant to register your industrial license. Otherwise a single mistake in the process will make the process lengthy and you may spend many extra weeks or month to get your industrial license.


A competent consultant will help your through each and every step of the process whether it is related to your company application, business plan, third party approvals or warehouse inspection.

GRG corporate services provider has served the market from last many year and registered many industrial license at the same time working very close to the authorities which give GRG Corporate services provider an extra edge to get approval faster. We will dedicate knowledgeable consultant   and they are always involved with our client throughout the process to make sure that work is done on time.

UAE company registration process and type of license?

  • Name Approval

  • Local sponsor/Service agent

  • Initial Approval

  • Signing of Memorandum

  • Sustainability contract or office leasing

  • Business License

  • Immigration Card/ Labor card

  • Residency visa

  • Bank account