Freelance License


Freelance market in U.A.E and Dubai has been improved from last many years and most of the expert and specialist has own the freelance permit to offer their freelance services. There are two major sector Media and education doing very well under freelance.


Since the Dubai is full of opportunities for creative and innovative people and for those who want to make money or for those who want to achieve something extra which they can’t achieve on their job.  UAE Freelance permit is a perfect opportunity; either you are UAE resident or planning to transfer in U.A.E.  Cameraman, film maker, teacher, designer, wed developer, artist, consultant or blogger etc, under freelance permit can use your skill legally to serve many company and individuals legally.


Can UAE resident are eligible to apply  freelance permit:


Yes U.A.E residents can get freelance permit but they need NOC from their current employer.


Can UAE non-resident eligible to apply freelance permit:


Non- resident can also enjoy freelance permit to explore opportunities in UAE as well as they can get residency visa from freelance permit to stay in UAE for long term.  There are two categories of non-resident, People on canceled visa or tourist visa.

Can someone outside of UAE can apply for freelance permit:


Freelancer who are planning to settled in UAE or working on any short term project in UAE can also apply for freelance permit to get their residency and bank account.


How to obtain freelance permit:


Many authorities are in UAE issuing freelance permit with list of activities, you simply has to contact complete their requirements to obtain the license.

What are the requirements for freelance permit?

UAE company registration process and type of license?

  • Initial Approval

  • Business License

  • Immigration Card/ Labor card

  • Residency visa

  • Bank account