Company Setup in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is a capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the world most attractive places for business, investments and tourism.  The Economy of Abu Dhabi has occupied an outstanding position and attained a high level of competitiveness in many sectors.


The major revenue of Abu Dhabi is coming from Oil and apparently, economy of Abu Dhabi is closely linked with the production and export of Oil. Meantime real estate, tourism, investment, trading, manufacturing and various industrial opportunities are available in Abu Dhabi.


Since the Abu Dhabi is a global business hub, therefore, it is a dream of every businessman to launch his company in Abu Dhabi to trigger his businesses in United Arab Emirates and other Gulf region as well as around the world.


What are the requirements for Abu Dhabi Government contracts?


Government of Abu Dhabi has a number of development projects related to infrastructure building, Construction, IT, Oil & Gas, Power project and many more; these projects are only given to companies based in Abu Dhabi mainland. It can be a limited liability company, branch of a foreign company in Abu Dhabi, Branch of free zone company, Sole proprietorship, Establishment 100% owned by an expat.


It is recommended to consult with our experts and lawyers to choose the right category from above.

Who is the business license issuing authority in Abu Dhabi Mainland?


Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) issue business license to operate in Abu Dhabi Mainland, This is a government entity focusing on stakeholders and efficiently enabling a sustainable economy in Abu Dhabi.


What type of companies’ structure available in Abu Dhabi Mainland (ADDED)?


Limited Liability Company:


This Company is limited by liabilities which mean company debts, and responsibilities are distributed between minimum two shareholders. As per United Arab Emirates Local Law, A Limited Liability Company has to appoint a UAE national as a sponsor with a minimum 51% share and 49% can be taken expats.




Establishment means in Abu Dhabi Mainland (ADDED) a company owned by an expats with 100% ownership but there are only limited professional activities under this type of company.


Sole Proprietorship:


Sole Proprietorship in Abu Dhabi Mainland (ADDED) means a company 100% owned by a UAE national.


Branch of Foreign Company:


Branch of a foreign company in Abu Dhabi Mainland (ADDED) mean a company 100% owned by a foreign company or UAE Free Zone company. There are some listed countries and free zones for branch of foreign company registration. It is highly recommended to consult with your expert and lawyer before you proceed with branch of foreign company in Abu Dhabi.


Feel free to consult with our experts for in-depth information about Abu Dhabi Mainland (ADDED).